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Ramirez - Liquid Sunshine (feat. Pouya)

Ramirez  - Liquid Sunshine (feat. Pouya)
  • Исполнитель: Ramirez
  • Название песни: Liquid Sunshine (feat. Pouya)
  • Слушали: 69
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  • Длительность: 02:22 мин.
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  • Дата релиза: 2-05-2019, 17:26
Ramirez - Liquid Sunshine (feat. Pouya)
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Текст песни (слова) Ramirez - Liquid Sunshine (feat. Pouya)
Bring out the Mask and da Glock and get rid of you
Your life is nothing, really I be doing you a favor
Pistols on my hip, I feel like I'm the Tomb Raider, yeah
Grave digger, cold killa, four deala'
I got dead friends, and dead beat bitches tryna be with me daily
Save me the foreplay, play with my foreskin while Rami sticking it in yo ass
Yeah we switching sides, switching lanes, and swingin' back
Yeah, I know where you live, I know what you drive (Lil bitch)
I know where you run, I see where you hide
Fuck boy gon' lose his time if I lose my mind
Baby bone won't do no talking when it's time to ride

Pull up and I'm talking shit
Baby bone and Rami comin' through serving yo' bitch the dick
Drop the top in my chevy
Newport hanging out my lip, now watch me slide
Throw it back and bend it over, while I break you from behind (Bitch)
Be the slime or you get slimed
Gotta keep the nine by the waistline
Bust his life to send that junk to the ER with a flatline
You can count the [?] all on my rim but don't you touch mine
The fresh coat of that jelly paint [?] sunshine
Swervin' in my [?], sippin' syrup with the best of them
[?] but these hollow tips don't be stressin' them
Skrrrt'n from the scene, and make sure I don't leave no evidence
Prayin' to yo' god but these bullets come and it's heaven sent
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